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Like most people, I like to live in a clean house, and clean doesn’t just mean that things are put away. When you have little ones running around like we do, clean means no germs. While this is a pretty impossible goal, living in an environment that isn’t over grown with dust, mold, mildew, and bacteria is a completely achievable goal.

Unfortunately, most cleaning products contain all sorts of nasty toxins that can cause a number of health problems, from simple skin irritation all the way up to cancer. One day, I noticed that after cleaning the house, my eyes felt very dry, and I was congested. I wouldn’t normally thing much about that – maybe it was allergies or something, but this time, I decided to try an experiment. I was going to load up on less toxic cleaning products and clean again – I wanted to know if it was cleaning products in general or the specific products I was using that were causing problems.

The Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) rates most cleaning products from A (good) to F (horrible), considering the health impacts and the environmental impacts of the ingredients. I spent hours pouring through their website to find the best, least toxic, most environmentally friendly cleaning products, bought them on Amazon, and when they arrived, I gave them a try.

I’ll admit, I was pretty surprised. I assumed that the more “less toxic”, “organic”, or “all natural” ingredients wouldn’t have the same cleaning oomph that my regular products did. I found that in most cases, the natural products worked just as well, and in at least one instance, the less toxic product down-right outperformed it’s competition. Best yet, I didn’t have any physical problems after heavy cleaning – no dry eyes, no congestion. I could breathe! It was great! From here on out, it’s all natural, all the time.

From my experience, I felt that everyone should use cleaning products that get the job done without wreaking havoc on their bodies or the environment. Finding the right products to buy from the EWG list and then locating them on Amazon is pretty time consuming, and that is why I created GoingGreenHomeCleaning.com. I took all the A-rated (and a couple of B-rated, but only when there were no A-rated) products from the EWG, organized them, connected them to Amazon, and viola – an easy shopping experience for the best cleaning products.


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